Quality and Service Policy

To continue our activities as a company who cares about ethical values and human resources, focused on customer solutions and expectations, adapting to technological innovations in a swift and timely fashion, aiming towards long and lasting partnerships with the clients, environmentally aware, respectful to laws and who is a leader in its sector.

Service Policy

Elmas Group sees itself as a producer of solutions in the logistics sector. For Elmas Group the most important issue is to plan according to customer expectations, producing efficient logistics solutions and moving beyond customer expectations with the services we provide. With an environmentally aware approach, we provide our services using equipment compliant with European norms.

Human Resources Policy

For Elmas Group it is a priority to constantly increase employee quality and employee satisfaction. Activities in scope of this policy include employee satisfaction surveys, personal development trainings and social activities, performance and career management systems, social facilities like lunch, employee transport service, internet, etc., an open office structure in the work environment, and care to provide good ventilation and lighting.

Data Security Policy

Elmas Group Logistic has defined procedures complying with the requirements of ISO27001 Data Security Management System, trained its personnel regarding data security threats, determined its objectives according to standards, and continues to analyse risks and follow up on technological developments.

Customer Policy

Our customer policy is "Win-Win". We know that best transactions are the ones where both parties win. For Elmas Group gaining the trust of our clients comes before any other gain. Principal customer policy of Elmas Group is to continuously share the knowledge and experiences it develops, to manage customer relations sensitively, in awareness of the importance of mutual trust, and to always smile and make our clients smile. Please click here for the Customer Satisfaction Survey developed in light of this policy.

For your complaints and recommendations, and to obtain more information on our quality management system please mail us at: info@elmas.com.tr