Elmas Group aims to provide a cost advantage for its clients by providing office, technological infrastructure and personnel support to them.

Elmas aims for customer satisfaction with speed, flexibility and cost advantage.

By developing unique and special project on sector basis, Elmas Group provides SPEED, FLEXIBILITY and COST advantages which are necessary for the companies to survive the intensely competitive environment of today under effect of globalisation and rapid developments in technology.



Integrated services provided from production line to price collection by shaping the high levels of planning and supply chain organisation according to customer expectation in scope of 4L logistics concept.

And others...

  • Converting fixed expenses of businesses into variable expenses.
  • Providing unit cost advantages derived from use of expensive technology and depot investments, human resources, machinery, materials and equipment in common with other companies sourcing logistics services.
  • Sourcing of the seven main logistics service units provided by Elmas Group from one single service provider offers speed, flexibility and cost advantages in a tight package.
  • Increased stock turnover rate by decreased logistics operations costs and less stocks needed. In-depot handling operations design.