In the customs consulting sector ELMAS provides services with a staff comprised of 2 Customs Consultants, 22 Customs Consulting Assistants, 6 Customs Consulting Interns and other expert personnel. Acting from the main office located in Alsancak, the company primarily engages in customs procedures vis-à-vis "all customs zones connected to Aegean Directorate of Customs and Trade", but also can handle all procedures in scope of any import or export regime.


In order to provide better services for our customers and to keep aware of the business flow and problems experienced by our clients in their fields of activity ELMAS Customs Import Department follows up on current legislations, and conducts trainings, briefings and on the spot feedback activities. Import Department also conducts various project based studies to provide innovative and alternative solutions for changing and developing expectation of our customers.




ELMAS Customs Export Department provides services for all sectors. Follow up on all export procedures, acquirement of preliminary permissions from professional institutions and organisations and consulting services; and

  • Project based special group studies;
  • International business organisations;
  • Foreign trade R&D studies;
  • Periodic reports, presentations and statistical studies provided according to client expectations and demands;
  • Export development activities.




ELMAS provides all compliance assessment and special project based consulting and follow up services for customers who demands these services. In addition, ELMAS also provides Authorised Economic Operator consulting services in scope of the "Regulations on Facilitation of Customs Procedures".




By obtaining an Internal Processing Permit companies can enjoy customs exemption and VAT exceptions on raw material imports they need in production. In addition to the customs tax and charge exceptions on imports, companies utilising IPR also gain an important advantage by not being subject to trade policy measures and not being required to pay 6% Resource Utilization Support Fund (RUSF) on deferred import transactions.




ELMAS provides consulting services regarding which sectors need which permits or certification.




Companies may enjoy investment incentives for fully new investments or for modernisation of existing facilities. Incentive system is implemented under the headings of General Incentive Practices, Regional Incentive Practices, Large-scale Investments and Strategic Investments. ELMAS provides consulting services regarding which sector in which regions will receive Investment Incentive Certification, as well as preparing the relevant project and carrying out follow up works.

All transport and organisation works including the entire factory facility, vehicles, equipment and materials in scope of Investment Incentive shall be carried out by our firm.




According to the customs regulations deposit of tax and charges on goods imported under exemption to be returned against a certain commitment is defined as a security. ELMAS Securities Department provides solutions for customs tax securities and other taxes and financial liabilities with equivalent effect in regard of the procedures on goods subject to various customs regimes, in accord with relevant legislations.

Our company follows up the procedures regarding the customs securities deposited at import stage of goods subject to customs exemption vis-à-vis relevant authorities, ensures that upon fulfilment of the relevant commitments relevant applications are made and these securities are returned to our clients.




ELMAS provides consulting, project preparation and process follow up on "Import License Certification" issued for periodic tax exemption on goods subject to quota.



Agricultural Export Applications

All processes and procedures in scope of foreign trade risk based control system of the Ministry of Trade. TSE Compliance Assessment Procedures vis-à-vis any import directorate of the Turkish Standards Institute are swiftly and efficiently conducted by a well-trained, experienced and professional team.



Measurement and Calibration Procedures

Services related to measurement and calibration procedures vis-à-vis Provincial Directorates of Science, Industry and Technology are provided by an experienced and expert team.



Warranty Certificate Procedures

Consulting services are provided regarding establishment of service networks and preparation of documentation required for after-sales competency and warranty certificates with approval of the Ministry of Customs and Trade.



Warranty Exemption Procedures

Our resident expert personnel follows up and swiftly concludes warranty exemption procedures vis-à-vis Provincial Directorates of Trade of the Ministry of Customs and Trade for procedures requiring warranty certification from importing companies.

Compliance Assessment Procedures with the Ministry of Food, Agriculture and Livestock – Our expert team ensure swift and effective follow up and conclusion of compliance reports, control certificates, veterinary border controls and special permissions required with the Ministry of Food, Agriculture and Livestock.