Cold Air Depots in ten separate units for fresh, cooled and frozen products which require special temperatures (+4°C to -25°C), special arrangements and structure for storage and keeping.

Three separate depots specially constructed in accord with the European Norms on Flammable, Inflammable and Caustic Chemicals and Non-flammable Chemicals.

A separate depot for all food items built in accord with the Food Codex. Two separate depots specially built and addressed for industrial sector products. And one separate depot specially built for bulk grains and similar products.



Elmas Group Bonded Depots Enterprise has been granted handling licence under provisions of Article 335/2 and 335/3 of the Customs Regulations, in accord with the handling regulations allowing minimisation of costs in storage, processing, marketing, etc. of goods and raw materials in scope of international commercial competition.

The fact that our Akalan Bonded Depot is located inside the Necdet Elmasoğlu Logistics Centre eliminates the interim transport costs for the customers who wishes to source non-bonded storage as well as bonded depot services.

Elmas A.Ş. Bonded Depot provides services in accord with Customs Law numbered 4458. While complying with Customs Law and regulations in development of services, customer satisfaction principles and Quality Management System procedures are also followed in practice.