Vizyon ve Misyon

Vision of Elmas Group

Our vision is to develop systems capable of competing with all logistics companies active in Turkey, becoming the leading brand in Turkish logistics sector and a leading logistics brand in the worlds.

Mission of Elmas Group

As a company Elmas Group aims to provide detached or integrated solutions for customs bonded and non-bonded storage and distribution of all products in scope of global and domestic trade, providing high quality services for our clients in constant awareness of customer- and corporate satisfaction, moving beyond customer expectations and creating added value.

Values of Elmas Group

  • Elmas Group respects the laws, public order and general ethics.
  • Elmas Group respects human life, human rights and rights of the employees.
  • Elmas Group respects customer values and confidentiality values.
  • Elmas Group respect the eceological systems and acts responsibly in regard of environmental protection.
  • Elmas Group has equitable and participatory management principles.
  • Elmas Group approaches all clients equitably and on basis of trust in relations.